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Prime Grind System for Polishing Marble

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Item # Description Qty.
Hertron Prime Grind System, Gallon of 1  
Our Price: $65.00
Hertron Prime Grind System, Gallon of 2  
Our Price: $62.00
Hertron Prime Grind System, Quart of A  
Our Price: $23.00
Hertron Prime Grind System, Gallon of A  
Our Price: $62.00
Hertron Prime Grind System, Gallon of M  
Our Price: $69.00
55 Gal Drum Prime Grind M  
Our Price: $2,508.00


Prime Grind - Vitrification

The famous Prime Grind system is available from Regent Stone Products. This is a very versatile system that should be incorporated in all marble restoration and maintenance programs. Call the pro’s at Regent Stone Products to find out how you can benefit using these products.

 Prime Grind "1"

 Prime Grind "1" is used for "hardening" the marble by mop or applicator, and penetrates the stone to densify the interior. After the initial diamond cut is completed, apply Prime Grind 1 liberally onto the surface using a clean, dry mop or other suitable applicator. Except for dark-colored marble, the liquid should be left to dry on the surface overnight, or force dry using a carpet fan. On dark marble, rinse thoroughly before drying occurs to avoid spotting.


Prime Grind "2"

 Prime Grind “2” is used to harden the surface of marble. This product may be applied full strength with a spray applicator, then burnished into the marble with steel wool/hogs hair or applied in the solution tank and worked in with the polishing diamonds.


 Prime Grind "A"

 Prime Grind "A" is applied directly to the marble with a spray applicator, and then spread with steel wool or hogs hair. This is the perfect product for high maintenance marble, or if the marble has a low calcium content.


 Prime Grind "M"

 Prime Grind “M” is applied directly to the marble with a spray applicator. Buffing until dry with steel wool or hogs hair pads. Produces a mirror polish. May also be applied with water to enhance maintenance with auto scrubbers, or applied after powder polishing to remove any swirls or imperfections.