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027TL52000000000 Flex LWW1506VR Milling Machine

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The LWW 1506 VR is designed to handle up to 1-1/4" thick slabs for milling and grinding sinks, kitchen tops, counters, and tables. For use on both straight and curved edges. Caution: For safety reasons, this unit should be operated only in conjunction with the GFCI operator protection circuit breaker! The LWW 1506 VR is the "smaller sibling" of the LWW 2106.



Speed w/o Load 2,200 -6,500 RPM Flex LWW 1506 VR
For Slab Thickness
3/4" - 1 1/4"
Power Input 11 Amp
Power Output 700 Watts
Weight 12 -3/4 lbs

Equipment Included


- Open-ended wrench 24mm
- Splash guard
- GFCI operator protection circuit
breaker in cord
- Guide carriage
FLEX GFCI operator protection
circuit breaker

For electrical safety during wet grinding.
Cuts out extremely fast with the required
response sensitivity (less than 15 milliseconds).
It has reactuation protection at power interruption.

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