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097CH23000000000 Tenax ProSeal 1 Quart Can

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ProSeal will protect polished granite and polished marble against liquid chemicals such as soda and other liquids. ProSeal fills the openings in your porous granite, marble or natural stone countertop preventing small particles of food, dirt or other spills from getting trapped. ProSeal will not change the natural colors of your stone. Wait 24 hours for ProSeal to completely cure.

Tenax ProSeal Instructions for use

The product must be evenly applied on dry and clean materials. The presence of water, dust or dirty matter may influence the result regarding the uniformity of the surface.
We suggest to spread the product using a sponge or cloth. Use the right quantity that the material naturally can absorb. Then clean (buff) immediately the surfaces by a cleaned cloth. Any excess of PROSEAL creates superficial glossy and sticky films, so the excess must be removed immediately after the application. We suggest to apply 2 times the PROSEAL , after some minutes from the first application, apply again the PROSEAL and repeat the same procedure.
In case of floor application, wait 24 hours before walking on the surface.
After usage, make sure container is well sealed to prevent waste.

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