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Honing Discs

Remove Scratches Quickly and Efficiently with Honing Disc

Many fabricators make the mistake of going right to a 50-grit resin pad on a piece of stone that just came from the saw or router and cannot understand why this 50-grit pad wears out quickly and doesn't remove all of the scratches. This is simply a matter of not using the correct pad for the task at hand. 

The scratch patterns that can be achieved from a 50-grit honing pad are much more aggressive than those from a 50-grit resin pad, which allows the honing pad to remove deep scratches faster and more efficiently.

A simple way to illustrate this is to take a honing and resin pad of the same grit, run them side by side for the same amount of time on an edge and observe the results. When using a honing pad, the fabricator has to be careful not to apply too much pressure to the tool. Usually, the weight of the tool itself is enough to achieve the desired results.

Because of the fast cutting nature of these pads, the fabricator runs the risk of putting waves in the edge if too much pressure is applied. Since this is generally unacceptable, honing pads are viewed unfavorably in some circles. But through proper usage, honing pads are an indispensable step that can mean all the difference between a decent edge polish and a great edge polish.


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