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Klindex 5 Liter Stone Soap

Klindex 5 Liter Stone Soap
Item # Description Qty.
Klindex 5 Liter Stone Soap (Case of 3)  
Our Price: $261.95
Klindex 5 Liter Stone Soap  
Our Price: $89.10



Klindex Stone Soap

Stone Soap is a neutral environmental product which has a unique

combination of natural fatty acids which reacts with the calcium that

is present in many stone/concrete floors to form a water insoluble

and dirt repellent barrier. This temporarily prevents water

transferred dirt from penetrating the concrete/natural stone surface,

which facilitates daily maintenance. Grout lines are also cleaned

and protected by the product. Stone Soap can also be used on

linoleum floors that do not have any wax or polish on them. Remove

the wax or polish before using the product.

Stone Soap does not require rinsing or buffing and it protects.  It contains

no solvents, is slip resistant, non-acidic, brightens and conditions

the concrete/natural stone floor, reduces the costs by minimizing the

labor required.  The floor breathes (diffusion open) and does not

change the patina/look of the surface.