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SureCrete HS 260 Clear Acrylic Concrete Sealer

SureCrete HS 260 Clear Acrylic Concrete Sealer



A Premium and High Performance Product

SureCrete HS 260 is a premium, high performance, single-component clear acrylic sealer (20% acrylic solids) designed for concrete or any cement based product. It is vapor permeable and readily applies outside. HS 260 is specifically formulated for extreme climates. It is specifically formulated to deal with climates in which freeze/thaw cycles are a common occurance. Its nano-sealer technology deeply penetrates and reacts internally with cement, slowing moiture migration and efflorescence and intensifying  bond capacity. A single coat application will provide a UV shield, enhance the beauty, and protect the surface of driveways, grarage floors, patios, walkways, pool decks, and stucco.



Approx. 200-240 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat (varies widely based on substrate porosity and application methods)



  • Ready to recoat in 24 hours
  • Heavy traffic ready in 72 hours
  • Appearance (cured): Clear Gloss
  • Appearance (wet): Clear
  • Excellent with water resistance (beads water)
  • Application temperature: 50-90 degrees