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X+R30 Pari Router Bit

X+R30 Pari Router Bit
Item # Description Qty.
X+R+Pari 30 Form Perfect Premium Pos. 1 w/ Rot.Toucher

Country of origin: Italy
Our Price: $1,056.00
X+R+Pari 30 Gold Zenith Pos. 2 w/ Rot.Toucher

Country of origin: Italy
Our Price: $1,164.83
X+R+Pari 30 Red BiPower Pos. 3

Country of origin: Italy
Our Price: $841.43
X+R+Pari 30 Yellow LongLife Pos. 4

Country of origin: Italy
Our Price: $272.82
X+R+Pari 30 White LongLife Pos. 5

Country of origin: Italy
Our Price: $272.82
X+R+Pari 30 Blue LongLife Pos. 6

Country of origin: Italy
Our Price: $272.82


Regent Products is the exclusive distributor for the world renowned Marmoelettromeccanica line of profile and polishing bits. 

The system offers three styles of: position 1 wheels, along with the patented, non-deforming position 2 Zenith wheels, the Bi-Power position 3 wheels, and the Longlife system of continuous face resin polish wheels.

Frangistone / Segmented / Razorstone

Using the new Frangistone to pre-shape the edge before profiling greatly reduces the time needed to accomplish the final edge. It also reduces the fatigue of the operator and the machine. The individual blade style elements are easily replaced, so you can change the hard wear elements at a reduced cost. The Frangistone is 5 times faster than conventional segmented wheels. Try a Frangistone today, and see how much time and money you can save! Frangistone bits fit all popular stone routers.

Blue Premium Segmented Position 0
There are Position 0 Segmented Wheels for almost every profile available. These segmented wheels will increase your production and also the life of your position 1 bits by removing the unwanted stock material quickly.

The next Revolutionary advancement from Marmoelettromeccanica! Taking the benefits of the stock removing Frangistone, and combining them with shape matching aspect of a traditional segmented wheel, MEM has produced a faster, and cleaner cutting 1st position shaping wheel. 

Blue Premium High Speed Position 1 & 2

The original Blue Wheel now is even faster than ever with High Speed diamonds. These grinding wheels can provide you with virtually any profile or shape needed, even custom drawn profiles. With the patented toucher bearing technology these wheels are the only ones guaranteed to give you the perfect profile time after time. These are the only wheels on the market that can be transformed into different profiles by just replacing the toucher. 

Bi-Power Position 3 Wheel

The Bi-Power Position 3 has replaced the old strip technology. It is no longer necessary for the operator to manually remove the toucher line from the edge before using the position 3 bit, thus eliminating the need for any hand work. This new technology has dramatically decreased production time. (50% drop in working time) Only two to three passes are necessary with these new wheels. This new full face metal wheel will last as long as 1st and 2nd Position bits. No need to buy 2 to 3 sets of polishing wheels for every set of profiling wheels. The new rigid design also helps eliminate rippling of the stone.

Long-Life Polishing System - The new generation diamond bonded polishing wheels

Marmoelettromeccanica is pleased to present the new “LONGLIFE” polishing wheels. The revolutionary idea refers to the new full face design of polishing wheels for shaped profiles. It consists of a new diamond based polishing product formed on a rubber surface. These wheels are used in sequence with sintered wheels for granite and marble. 
The next generation of polishing wheels, these new wheels are generating a 20% increase in polishing results over the old style wheels. There is a 50% drop in working time due to less passes needed when operating. The increase in durability assures the operator will get the full life out of each and every bit. These wheels are designed to last as long as position one and two, decreasing production cost for the shop owner.