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Monument Toolworks MC2 Drop Edge Miter Clamps

Monument Toolworks MC2 Drop Edge Miter Clamps
Item # Description Qty.
Monument Toolworks MC2 Drop Edge Miter Clamp, Set of 2  
List Price: $379.00
Our Price: $287.00
(until Oct 31)



The Monument Toolworks MC2 Drop Edge Miter Clamps are easy to use and hold the apron square. Once the venturi vacuum is activated it will hold fast where ever you need it, making it easy to dry fit for perfect results. Because of the active vacuum, it will attach to leather finished and honed surfaces. It will even hold fast over the tape used when mitering. The clamps are sold as a pair and each pair has its own manifold so another set can "Daisy Chain" to the first set. Only one air hose needed to all the sets you need for a large island. The venturi system we use is made in house and has a formidable track record after 17 years in the solid surface industry shop environments.

Air requirement is apx .4 cfm each clamp at 80 psi.

They can clamp up to a 10.5" edge as you get them, and up to 12" with a slight adjustment.

Clamp can be set up to work narrow tops such as wall caps.

Weight 13 lbs


Please Note that male and female air fittings are required, but not included. You will need to supply the type of fittings your air system uses. Both male and female fittings need a 1/4 MPT end to thread into the supplied manifold.