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Omni Cubed Stealth Seamer™ Automatic

Omni Cubed Stealth Seamer™ Automatic
Item # Description Qty.
Omni Stealth Seamer™ Automatic (8" Cups)

Country of origin: USA
Our Price: $1,095.00
Omni Cubed Stealth Seamer™ Auto Multi-Seam Expansion Kit

Country of origin: USA
Our Price: $895.00
Omni Cubed Accessory: Seam Setter Pump Kit

Country of origin: USA
Our Price: $195.00


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Great seams, without the hassle!

The Stealth Seamer™ Automatic is the ultimate heavy-duty seam setter for joining and leveling stone. The product's open design allows you to work on the seam while in use; removal is not needed to apply epoxy or scrape the seam. Seams are easily opened and closed via a smooth-turning knurled roller. The 8" vacuum cups feature a continuous seal for a reliable hold on heavy stone. A powerful compact vacuum pump maintains pressure for all cups, and runs on AC power or AA batteries for any install situation. Improved pump technology provides a stronger hold to very textured or porous materials. The 6" vacuum cups feature a continuous seal, so they won't lose suction if loss of power occurs. Eight seam levelers slide on rails for custom placement and have vinyl-capped, non-spinning feet to prevent scratches. Recommended for porous and non-porous materials.

The Multi-Seam Expansion Kit for the Stealth Seamer™

Enables the setting of two seams at the same time (up to 14 feet apart), or "chain linking" of four seam setters for one large seam, all with the use of one pump. The expansion kit includes two seam setters, carrying/storage case, 15' of extension tube with adapters, four thumb pump plungers, and four cup covers... all in one convenient package.


New vacuum pump for 2015 model: Now runs on eight AA batteries when electricity is not available; improved vacuum hold on very porous or textured surfaces; reengineered, ultra-durable housing (more resistant to dust, water, debris, and overheating) 

  • Two tools in one: seam joiner and seam leveler
  • Achieve high-quality, even seams
  • Complete and continuous vacuum cup seals for more efficient pump function; won’t lose suction if loss of power occurs
  • Entire seam is accessible during use; apply epoxy or scrape the seam without removing the seam setters
  • Easily open and close seams via smooth-turning knurled roller
  • Eight leveling feet adjust easily to “fine-tune” the seam
  • Eliminates unevenness caused by crowned or warped countertops
  • Non-spinning, vinyl-capped leveling feet won’t scratch surfaces
  • Easily converted “on the spot” to manual seam setters (no tools needed!)
  • Heavy-duty vacuum pump operates on AC power or eight AA batteries (when electricity is not available)
  • High quality, machined aluminum tightening handles
  • Durable polyurethane air tubes with “quick-connect” fittings for easy set-up
  • Long-lasting anodized billet aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Set includes: Two seam setter units with 8" vacuum cups, four cup covers, vacuum pump, storage case, AC power adapter, battery power adapter, AA battery holder, four vacuum cup thumb-pump plungers
  • Dimensions: 26"L x 12"W x10"H

See WARNING below for Part #: 024MH5011 & 5053