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Stone Pro Rock Jockey

Stone Pro Rock Jockey
Item # Description Qty.
Stone Pro Rock Jockey  
List Price: $4,800.00
Our Price: $4,500.00
(until Dec 31)
Stone Pro Rock Jockey AB Trigger (spring not included)  
Our Price: $35.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey AW Trigger  
Our Price: $44.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey CHARGE PORT  
Our Price: $47.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey CHARGE PORT CAP  
Our Price: $23.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey WIRELESS CONTROL BOX  
Our Price: $410.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey REMOTE  
Our Price: $358.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey CHARGER  
Our Price: $72.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey SOLENOID PIN  
Our Price: $38.00
Stone Pro Rock Jockey BOOM TAB  
Our Price: $52.00


Stone Pro Rock Jockey Rack Card


 (**Only available for Abaco and Ardwolfe 50 Lifters** When attaching Rock Jockey to the Abaco 50 lifter the model year must be 2008 or newer.)

The ROCK JOCKEY's purpose is to eliminate additional personnel needed for moving slabs safely.


  • Remote Control
  • Remote activated clamp trigger release
  • 360 degrees continuous turning capability
  • Built in clutch to retard crosswind effects
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Rechargable sel-contained military grade components
  • Made in the USA


  • Allows one man to safely and efficiently remove or position a slab in a slab rack, A-Frame, or photo station. The Rock Jockey reduces the need for a man to walk along and guide the slab, as it is being moved and placed. The Rock Jockey also releases the safety latch reducing the need to hit the hook with a stick
  • Makes moving and handling slabs a one-man operation
  • Unit provides continuous 360-degree rotation in either direction. Provides remote control release of the lifter latch
  • By eliminating the man guiding the slab you are reducing the risk of injury. Slab handling injuries can be very serious and costly
  • Made and assembled in USA. All steel construction, stronger than the clamp or the boom. Only part not made in the USA is the rechargeable battery pack, which should last at least two years of heavy usage
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery, military grade charging port. Comfortable hand held remote can be used while wearing gloves. Remote has magnetic back to prevent loss. All remotes are “mated” to slab jockey with a unique signal. This allows for multiple units to operate in close proximity without interference
  • Weatherproof antenna. EMF shielded will not cause radio interference
  • Remote control has auto shut off after 10 minutes of no use
  • The unit is the same width as a clamp for getting into tight places
  • Replacement controls are available
  • Safety clutch to prevent damage to the unit or slab from strong wind or accidently hitting a stationary object
  • No routine maintenance. Sealed from the weather
  • Available for Abaco 50 and for standard Aardwoff clamp

Click link for the Rock Jockey Manual.