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One of the most popular names mentioned when customers ask about adhesive polyesters and epoxies is Akemi.  Akemi products are used worldwide by professionals in the stone fabrication, and repair industry.  Akemi products range from adhesives glues for use in bonding, filling and repairing of various kinds of natural stones, to cleaning agents used every day by homeowners.

Akemi polyester adhesives are great for the seaming of granite, marble, engineered and all natural stone countertops. Akemi polyesters come in a range of colors to fit your stone needs, Transparent, White, Black, and buff.  Color pastes can also be mixed into the polyester to help guarantee the perfect match when seaming stone.

For jobs needing a faster set time then the polyester can provide Akemi offers Acrylics and Epoxies. Both of these are perfect for laminating and Acrylics are perfect for setting up reinforce rodding on the backside of stone. Both Epoxies and Acrylics can be colored as well with the use of Akemi’s Akepox color kits (not to be used with polyesters).

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