Akemi Adhesives

AKEMI® is your leading partner for filler and adhesive systems based on polyester and epoxy resin.

Our products are used worldwide by professionals in stone processing, car repair, and maintenance as well as in the industry.

AKEMI® Polyester Adhesives

The AKEMI® polyester adhesives are a two-component system characterized by being easy to use, short hardening time and excellent mechanical properties. After complete hardening, these products can be highly polished. By adding the adequate AKEMI® Colouring Paste for polyester almost any coloring can be achieved. 

AKEMI® Akepox Epoxy Adhesives

AKEPOX epoxy adhesives were specially designed for outdoor use. The adhesives only shrink to a very small degree during the chemical reaction. They are absolutely weather-resistant and free of solvents. AKEPOX® adhesives are characterized by excellent chemical and mechanical properties which allow a large number of different materials such as stone, wood, glass, metal, and plastic to be glued together. By means of using the appropriate AKEMI® Colouring Paste for AKEPOX®, almost any shade of color can be achieved here, too.

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