Akemi Acrylic - Epoxy Adhesives

AKEPOX adhesives on the basis of epoxy

AKEPOX epoxy adhesives were specially designed for outdoor use. The adhesives only shrink to a very small degree during the chemical reaction. They are absolutely weather-resistant and free of solvents. AKEPOX® adhesives are characterized by excellent chemical and mechanical properties which allow a large number of different materials such as stone, wood, glass, metal, and plastic to be glued together. By means of using the appropriate AKEMI® Colouring Paste for AKEPOX®, almost any shade of color can be achieved here, too.

Akemi Akepox Epoxy Adhesives

  • Available in both Knifegrade and Flowing
  • Akepox 1005 Flowing
  • Akepox 2000 Flowing
  • Akepox 2010 Knifegrade
  • Akepox 3000 Knifegrade
  • Akepox 5000 Flowing
  • Akepox 5010 Knifegrade
  • Acrylic Super Penetrating
  • Platinum Epoxy-Acrylate
  • Akemi Colour Bond System
  • Akemi 4050 Anit-Slip
  • Akepox Color Paste

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