Akemi Akepox 2010

Akemi Akepox 2010 Regent ID: AkemiAkepoxAB
Akemi Akepox 2010 Regent ID: AkemiAkepoxAB
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Akepox 2010 is a 2 part construction adhesive that is free of solvents and weather resistant. Use Akepox 2012 for the bonding of natural stone, artificial stone, wood and ceramic. This product is easy to color and has good adhesion on humid stone.

  • Areas of Application: Bathrooms, Flooring, Stairs, Gravestones, Monuments, Wall, Facades
  • Materials: Natural Stone, Concrete, Terrazzo, Glass, Wood, PVC
  • Exterior/Interior: Both
  • Consistency: Gel-like
  • Color: Transparent
Regent ID AkemiAkepoxAB
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