Bonstone Adhesives

Touchstone Epoxies and Bonstone Epoxies provide the strongest adhesive bonds available.

Touchstone and Bonstone Epoxies are used in the bonding of granite, marble, limestone, engineered stone, tile, and concrete.

Available in slow curing flowing epoxy (2-hour set) and a faster setting Express 2 flowing and knife grade epoxy (45-60 minutes). With the touchstone system being a 2-to-1 ratio, Touchstone offers a dispenser with or without a heater to provide a precise 2-to-1 mixture.


  • Touchstone Epoxy Edge System
  • Touchstone Express II
  • Touchstone Glacier
  • Touchstone Fusion Kit
  • Touchstone T-2000 Tile Epoxy


  • Duropoxi Epoxy
  • Bonstone Clear Gel
  • Bonstone Fast Set Extreme
  • Bonstone TravFill
  • Bonstone Last Patch - Limestone
  • Bonstone Last Patch Dymond

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