For sealing interior/exterior cracks, joints, and seams around sinks and backsplashes.

Silicone Sealants and Caulks are designed to provide excellent adhesion between surfaces to provide a waterproof and airtight bond. These can be used both indoors around the kitchen and bathroom as well as outdoors on numerous type substrates. Great for use on granite, marble, engineered stone, tile, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, aluminum, and other substrates.

Silicone Sealants come in a range of colors, the basics being; white, black translucent, beige and red. Each manufacturer offers their own own color selections.

Types available here at Regent:

  • Cemabond Silicone Sealant 
  • Sil-Bond Translucent Silicone 
  • Inland Acrylic Adhesive Caulk
  • Akemi Marble Silicone.


  • High Strength
  • Excellent Weatherability
  • UV Stable
  • Non-Yellowing
  • VOC Compliant
  • Non-Flammable
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Non-Shrinking

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