Superior Acrylic - Epoxy Adehsives


The Superior lineup of Epoxy/Acrylics makes stone fabricating more efficient and economical.


The premier laminating and penetrating technology available, these products bond strongly to dense granites, marbles, as well as porous stones. Fast setting and water clear, they may be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Fast curing with no tack even in colder temperatures
  • Virtually water clear for easy color matching
  • Strong bonds to porous and dense stones
  • Excellent UV stability for outdoor applications
  • Cure times for both flowing and knifegrade: 10 - 20 minutes


Like acrylics, these products bond strongly to dense stones and are excellent for outdoor applications. With both 1:1 and 2:1 formulations, our product line gives you the latest in epoxy technology. The preferred adhesive group for structural anchoring and support.


  • Strong bonds to all types of stones
  • Faster thin film set times than other epoxy systems
  • Very low initial and cured color

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