Flex Electric Grinders

Flex Electric Grinders

Since 1922, FLEX employees have developed and produced high-quality and long-life electric power tools.

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We Have Various Different Electric Grinders by Flex

First: we have the L3406VRG Grinder

  • Spindle lock

  • Quality shutoff carbon brushes

Second: we have the LW1509 Wet Stone Grinder

  • Material removal of concrete and natural stone

  • GFCI operator protection

Third: we have the LW603VR Stone Polisher/Grinder

  • Central water supply

  • Quick action brass coupling

Fourth: we have the L-1106VE H.D. Electric Variable Speed Grinder

  • Two tools in one

  • Compact dimensions

Fifth: we have the L1506VR Angle Grinder

  • Flex four-fold VR electronics

  • Spindle lock: for easy disc changes

Sixth: we have the L1509FR Grinder

  • Overload protection

  • 11 AMP motor

Seventh: we have the LW1302AT Stone Polisher/Grinder

  • Coarse surface polish preparation work

  • two-handed polisher

Eighth: we have the LE 9-10-125 Variable Speed Grinder

  • Safety guard: patented, with anti-twisting lock

  • Powerful, strong motor for quick working progress

Ninth: we have the Impact Drill Driver

  • Integrated LED light

  • Rapid battery charger (60 Minutes)

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Not sure which stone grinder is right for you? We can help! We want to ensure you are getting the BEST PRICE! Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-624-8210

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