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Alpha® Knock Out Blade For Increasing Productivity

Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes the growing popularity of the specialty tool, Trac Star 2000; a low RPM wet saw that utilizes a guide rail system. Evidence of this growing popularity is in the introduction of other brands of low-speed track sawing systems to the market. Introducing the Alpha® Knock Out Blade. A specialty blade specifically designed for a low RPM wet saw, to cut all granites, as well as all brands of engineered stone with minimal chipping. This blade provides a quick clean cut when used on a low RPM saw and will increase your productivity while providing a long cutting life.

The Cyclone LHP Blade is designed for operation on lower horsepower saws.

The Cyclone LHP Blade is designed for operation on lower horsepower saws such as the Achilli TSA Portable Track Saw, Blue Ripper, and any smaller bridge saws. It features a soft bond segment keeping it free cutting its entire lifespan. It also includes a silent core to ensure lower operation noise.

Blue Rippers 2hp and 3hp

This is the most popular, rugged, diamond blade sold for Blue Rippers 2hp and 3hp, soft bond, aggressive diamond size, thick rigid core, great general purpose granite cutting blade.

Great for Soft Stones

This blade is similar in design to the original blue blade. It does, however, have a harder metal bond. This is great for softer stone or where a chip-free cut is required. It has an approximately 20% longer life than the blue blade. If operated on harder stone more frequent dressing may need to be performed.

Perfect for the Blue Ripper and cutting granite, marble and engineered stones. These premium segmented laser-welded diamond blades for cutting marble, natural stone and extremely hard brick are an industry favorite. 

Diteq Low Horse Power Diamond Blades

Great Low Horse Power Blades

Diteq has a couple of great choices here! The Mirage works with both low and high horse-powered saws. The M22 blade is for cutting marble, natural stone and extremely hard brick. This one works great on the Blue Ripper Saw.

The Professional's Choice for Cutting Granite Slabs

This Silent Core Diamond Blade is made in Germany. It is a 3 piece laminated core. The 20mm tall segments, which are also made in Germany are split segments for fast cutting. The arbor is a 60mm hole bushed to 50mm to fit all bridge saws. When quality is a must these silent core diamond blades for cutting granite slabs are the professional’s choice because of their aggressive cutting speed coupled with their long life.

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