Blick Miter Cups


Blick Industries Suction Cups provide the superior workholding solution for the stone, glass, and solid surface fabricator. Our large selection of rectangular and shaped cups allows you to achieve maximum surface coverage, which translates to maximum holding power. Modular construction allows for easy replacement of friction pads and seals as well as worn out or damaged parts, thus extending the life of the item and lowering the effective cost.

Like wide tires on a car, solid rubber vulcanized friction pads promote superior holding All Press-in Seals are replaceable (No Glue!) Available for ALL popular CNC and manual machines in ALL Shapes - Sizes - Heights & Fittings With any vacuum holding device, the only way to increase holding force is to increase the effective surface area in contact with vacuum. Our wide range of shapes and sizes of suction cups allows maximum surface area resulting in maximum holding force.

We can get any custom height cups for any machine
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