Stone Pro Stone Shark

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Bringing the speed and precision of computer-numerically-controlled machinery to your shop, the CNC STONE SHARK is designed for routing and cutting all types of stone material.  The CNC STONE SHARK has impressive power, speed, accuracy and ease of use.  The CNC STONE SHARK has a quality design and its parts have been manufactured using CNC machines to ensure the highest accuracy.  The CNC STONE SHARK is constructed of aluminum, for a robust, long lasting and close tolerance machine.  
The CNC STONE SHARK comes complete with Ready2Design software, which will allow you to bring in cut out designs from DXF, PDF, or JPG file formats.

  • Payout in as little as 2 MONTHS OR LESS*  
  • Compact, easy to use, and mobile
  • No more templates. Simply download DXF file, insert, set up and start. 
  • Walk away and multitask while cutting. 1 hour average run time for large 3cm double bowl kitchen sink 
  • Can cut any size sink or cooktop cut out up to 36

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