A33 R15 120 x 35

A33 R15 120 x 35 Regent ID: A33R15
A33 R15 120 x 35 Regent ID: A33R15

Regent Products is proud to announce the newest version of high quality CNC wheels from Diamut. 

A global leader in stone and glass tooling for 
over 30 years, Diamut is on the cutting edge 
with this new line of high quality tools called 
Hyper Speed, designed to operate at higher
Fabricators now are using a larger
variety of 
materials, need faster production
times with 
excellent high quality finish, and
longer life from their tools. The Hyper
Speed line 
has gone even further to optimize
the metal/
diamond matrix composition to
all of these increasing needs
from today’s 
fabricator. Unlike any other
competitor on the 
market, the last metal
wheel in the series is 
an 800 grit, which
ensures that the polish 
wheels produce an
outstanding line free 
shine without the use
of an expensive fifth 
metal wheel.  The Hyper
Speed wheels operate at 
higher speeds,
and last longer than 
competitors high speed
tools on the market.” 

Regent ID A33R15
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