Alpha Ultrazip Diamond Flap Wheel

Alpha Ultrazip Diamond Flap Wheel Regent ID: AlphaUltrazipDiaFlapWhel
Alpha Ultrazip Diamond Flap Wheel Regent ID: AlphaUltrazipDiaFlapWhel
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The Ultrazip Flap Wheels is designed for fast material removal applications on all hard, brittle materials without the need for high pressure. This Hybrid flap wheel comes with a combination of diamond and silicon carbide flaps on a reinforced plastic backer pad. Each flap makes line contact so that the disc will maintain fast, aggressive cutting without having to apply pressure. Although it is designed for high-speed angle grinders, for the best results, Alpha® recommends using at 8,000 rpm if the grinder has a variable-speed control switch. While the Ultrazip is great for dry use, it can be used wet to keep the dust down, for higher performance and a longer life.

  • Designed for Fast Removal of Material Including Delicate Materials That May Get Damaged Using A Metal Bond Grinding Cup Wheel
  • Constructed with A Combination of Diamond and Silicon Carbide Flaps On A Reinforced Plastic Backer Pad To Offer Excellent Cost Performance
  • The Flaps Are Arranged in A Dense Overlapping Layout To Provide Long Life
  • The Flexibility of The Diamond Flap Wheel Is Advantageous for Smoothing Curved Surfaces
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Use At High-Speed or Low-Speed
Regent ID AlphaUltrazipDiaFlapWhel
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