Diamut AFR33 R6 R3 Closed

Diamut AFR33 R6 R3 Closed Regent ID: DIAMUTAFR33R6R3CLOSED
Diamut AFR33 R6 R3 Closed Regent ID: DIAMUTAFR33R6R3CLOSED
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Diamut’s Original Premium Line for stone is the latest in tooling technology to maximize your CNC equipment. 

OPL  tools optimize the composition of the metal/diamond matrix and the flow of water to achieve outstanding results which shine through in the quality of finish, the high rate of production and the long life of the tools.


  • Diamut AFR33 R6 R3 Closed 
  • Longest lasting metal wheels and polish wheels in the industry! 
  • Many profiles offered in 120mm, 80mm, 60mm, and 20mm diameters
  • Sintered metal wheels with slots to remove slurry
  • Wheels are balanced to eliminate spindle vibration
  • Redressed with EDM machine for perfect concentricity
  • Last metal is a 800 grit 
  • Very high gloss finish
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