Fila Marble Restorer Kit

Fila Marble Restorer Kit Regent ID: FilaMarbRestKit
Fila Marble Restorer Kit Regent ID: FilaMarbRestKit
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The Marble Restorer Kit Contains:

1.   Fila MarbleOne yellow metallic pad

2.  Fila MarbleTwo white resin pad

3.  Fila MarbleThree blue resin pad

4.  Fila Marble Sponge (white polishing pad)

5.  Fila MarbleShine, marble polish 

6.  Fila Formula Marmo, marble finishing polish 

7.  Gloves


Fila Marble Restorer is a new restoration kit formulated by the Fila laboratories to restore small surfaces made of marble, travertine stone and polished limestone which have been marked by acid-based stains or atmospheric agents.
It is ideal for restoring kitchen and bathroom tops, tables, steps and window sills. It removes dullness caused by wear and tear as well as small marks on polished stone floors.

Lime removing cleaners, vinegar, lemon juice, fizzy drinks, flat and sparkling wines, fruit juice, mayonaise, ketchup, and so on, can stain the surfaces made of limestone as well as some delicate types of marble. Acid-based dirt causes dulling which, in minor cases, appears like light patches against the light. If the staining is deep, the patches are white and rough to the touch.

Fila MarbleRestorer effectively repairs these types of damage and helps customers restore their surfaces to former pristine condition without having to call in a professional expert.

WORKS on marble and all types of polished limestone, polished terrazzo surfaces, whether they are Venetian style, made of marble and cement or marble and resin.

NOTE: Some types of naturally acid-resistant marble, such as verde alpi, cannot be polished using this method.




Regent ID FilaMarbRestKit
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