MEM H30 Dupont Edge CNC Wheels

MEM H30 Dupont Edge CNC Wheels Regent ID: H30DupontEdge
MEM H30 Dupont Edge CNC Wheels Regent ID: H30DupontEdge
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  • Marmoelettromeccanica H30  Line 60
  • Patented non-deforming metal bonded wheels - maintain their shape over their entire lifespan
  • MEM Bi-Power Position 3 wheel to eliminate linear lines before reaching the polish phase
  • MEM Long Life Polishing Wheels - use an innovative process which deposits a continuous face of diamond/resin composite on the vulcanized rubber core of the bit.  This ensures smooth and consistent contact with the stone.
  • Standard size is 60 x 35mm
  • All wheels are made with a consistent Z axis length, to make for rapid setup time on machine.
  • Full set consists of 7 wheels, 4 metals & 3 resin polishing. (Positions; 0 (segmented or RazorStone), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Suggest using MEM RazorStone for pre-cutting this profile

Average running RPM / Feed rates:

  •  Metal Wheels:     
  • 4,500 RPM @ 1,000 mm/min
  • Polishing Wheels: 
    • 2,500 RPM @ 1,000 mm/min


Regent ID H30DupontEdge
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