Alpha Twincur ES 6" 3000 Grit Snail Lock

Alpha Twincur ES 6" 3000 Grit Snail Lock Regent ID: 056AM2074
ID: 363817
Alpha Twincur ES 6" 3000 Grit Snail Lock Regent ID: 056AM2074
ID: 363817
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Alpha Twincur ES Wheel

Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes that the continued growth of the engineered stone market requires new abrasives and now offers a product called Twincur ES, specifically developed to polish the straight edges and bevels of engineered stone with automated edge polishing machinery. Twincur ES uses the 5” snail lock adapter commonly used on single- and multiple-head machines. Twincur ES will work on single-head edge polishing machines from manufacturers such as Cavani, Comandulli, Denver, Mantello, Montresor, Park Industries®, Thibaut, Z.Bavelloni and many other imported machines. Multiple-head edge polishing machines such as Comandulli, Denver, Loffler, Marmo Meccanica, Montresor and other imported types of machines will accept Twincur ES as well. Fabricators of engineered stone will love the ease of operation and the fast, consistent results they can achieve with these abrasives. Twincur ES is designed for high quality performance and will last a long time. If you work with engineered stone and automated edge polishing equipment, Twincur ES is the abrasive for you.

  • Designed for Square Edge and Beveled Edge Applications
  • Use On Engineered Stone/Quartz Surfaces
  • Easy Operation and Fast, Consistent Results
  • Available in 4”, 5” and 6” Diameter with A Snail Lock Adapter (SFAT)
  • Excellent Results with Outstanding Cost-Performance
  • Works On Single-Head and Multiple-Head Machines
Regent ID 056AM2074
Connection Type Snail Lock
Diameter 6"
Position/Step/Grit 3000
Material Engineered Stone
Sequence Steps 5
Style Flat Edge Wheel
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