MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 80 Grit

MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 80 Grit Regent ID: 057FP0950
ID: 446557
MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 80 Grit Regent ID: 057FP0950
ID: 446557
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MB-14 Refine Stone Honing Powder

MB-14 Refine Honing Powder works really well as a finishing product to produce a uniform honed finish. (FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY)

Although for floor restoration, we recommend the use of diamond pads for the honing phase of the process.MB-14 has its own applications, such as removing those unsightly factory-made grinding swirls from honed and filled travertine tiles, Durango travertine, Saturnia stone, and any other honed-finished limestone, marble or granite. It is the ideal means to restore the stone surfaces mentioned above.We recommend the use of a hog's-hair pad or a 3M® brand red nylon pad for the application of the product, under a 175/250 RPM floor machine.

This product must be applied and worked wet.

It can also be used to minimize the factory swirls from honed-finished Black Absolute granite slabs, before the application of the MB-21 Enhancing Sealer.

COVERAGE: You can expect to hone approximately 300 to 500 square feet with 1 lb. of product.

Available in the following grits: 80, 150, 250 and 400.

Available in the following sizes: 1 lb, 2 lb, 8 lb, and 25 lb.

Regent ID 057FP0950
Product Size 1 lb
Position/Step/Grit 80
Surfaces Granite, Marble, Limestone
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