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Maintaining and Enhancing the Beauty of Natural and Engineered Stone

Regent Stone Products knows how important it is to maintain the beauty of polished stones. This is why Regent offers such a large selection of products to clean, seal and enhance natural stones, marble, concrete, and tile. We feature our popular in-house line of sealers and cleaners including products such as Silicone Impregnator; Zeta Seal; Valen Seal; and our water-based sealant, H2O Seal.

We also carry other brand name cleaners, stone enhancers, color changers, and sealers such as Akemi, Bellinzoni, Miracle Sealants, and Tenax.

Try one of these top-grade products for your granite, marble, travertine, pavers, brick, tile, concrete, etc., and be amazed by how well any of these products work.

Lets Us Help! 
Not sure which cleaner or sealer is right for you? We can help! We want to ensure you are getting the BEST PRICE! Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-624-8210

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  1. Adria Protection Sealer
    Adria Protection Sealer

    Starting at $18.31

  2. Akemi 4050 Anti-Slip
    Akemi 4050 Anti-Slip

    Starting at $1.97

  3. Akemi Anti-Slide R9
    Akemi Anti-Slide R9

    Starting at $91.83

  4. Akemi Darkener Plus Coloring Kit
    Akemi Darkener Plus Coloring Kit

    Starting at $17.29

  5. Akemi Darkener Super
    Akemi Darkener Super

    Starting at $61.15

  6. Akemi Darkener Super Plus
    Akemi Darkener Super Plus

    Starting at $75.43

  7. Akemi Impregnation Remover
    Akemi Impregnation Remover

    Starting at $50.95

  8. Akemi Rust Remover
    Akemi Rust Remover

    Starting at $25.45

  9. Akemi Satin Sealer
    Akemi Satin Sealer

    Starting at $38.20

  10. Akemi Stain Repellant Nano Effect
    Akemi Stain Repellant Nano Effect

    Starting at $61.15

  11. Akemi Stone Impregnation Sealer
    Akemi Stone Impregnation Sealer

    Starting at $24.43

  12. Akemi Triple Effect Counter Refresher
    Akemi Triple Effect Counter Refresher

    Starting at $15.25

  13. Cemabond Ceramic Floor Cleaner (Gallon)
    Cemabond Ceramic Floor Cleaner (Gallon)
    448142 096CH02660000000
  14. Cemabond Intensive Cleaner
    Cemabond Intensive Cleaner

    Starting at $26.75

  15. Cemabond Silicone Impregnator
    Cemabond Silicone Impregnator

    Starting at $15.25

  16. Easy Oxy Spray Cleaner, 32 oz
    Easy Oxy Spray Cleaner, 32 oz
    448247 098CH2010
  17. Fila MP90 Stain Protection
    Fila MP90 Stain Protection

    Starting at $35.53

Items 1-20 of 72

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