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When it comes to cleaning your granite countertops, marble floors, or any stone surfaces, it is always important to think 'preventative maintenance.' Choosing the proper cleaning chemicals for your stone is just as important as choosing the proper cleaning products for your leather, carpet, or glass; you always want to do your research before buying a product and make sure it is the right choice for the job!

Browse the products on Regent Stone Products' site and make sure the formula you choose is the best for the job. Some cleaning agents can be harsh and abrasive to your stone and eventually eat away the sealer, leaving your countertops susceptible to stains. These harsh chemicals can also cause etching or scratches to the stone surface.

For an easy and safe cleaner for your countertops, we suggest the use of Regent Stone Soap for daily cleaning. It is a non-acidic agent and is great for every day use! For a great gift to your family members and friends, try Regent's Stone Care Kit. Included in the kit is a sealer, a cleaner, and a polisher; perfect for any occasion and any stone!

Regent Stone Product also offers great name brand products from Akemi, Bellinzoni, Miracle Sealants and Tenax.

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