Klenztone Cleaners

The Ultimate Cleaning Solution For Any Need

For a different approach to cleaning stone and masonry surfaces, we offer Klenztone Cleaners.  Unlike some products that contain destructive acids, this line of cleaners renews and restores stone surfaces without eating them away. Klenztone Cleaners do NOT contain corrosive acids or hydroxides. These products actually penetrate the surface and release trapped dirt from inside the pores while preserving and hardening the surface of the stone. Use Klenztone Cleaners to restore luster and beauty to all kinds of weathered/grimy stones.
All of the KlenzTone products are applied undiluted to the surface and left standing for one hour, then simply rinse the residue with water. (The product can also be left on the surface and rinsed off at your convenience.) Always do a test patch to determine the suitability of the product to the stone you are working with.


  • Wear protective clothing (Goggles & Gloves)
  • Do NOT apply on glass
  • Do not let dry on certain surfaces (#4 & #5)
  • Protect the surrounding plant life

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