Color Enhancers

Bringing Out The Natural Beauty Of Your Stone With Color Enhancers

Color enhancers for stone are designed to bring out a stone's natural colors. This is achieved by using a product like Tenax Ager which gives the stone a "wet" look and is particularly best suited for color matching an untreated edge with the top of a stone. While this product and others like it enhance the natural color of the stone, they also provide extra stain protection, as they are also sealants.

Products like Tenax Tepox V or AKEMI Darkener Super Plus Ink are used with an Ager or Darkener to achieve the perfect color matching using one or mixing multiple colors of the ink.

No matter what you choose, you will find the perfect product for your needs at home or on the job.

'Wow' your neighbors with the effects of one of our enhancers! Try a product today.

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  1. Akemi Darkener Plus Coloring Kit
    Akemi Darkener Plus Coloring Kit

    Starting at $17.29

  2. Akemi Darkener Super
    Akemi Darkener Super

    Starting at $61.15

  3. Akemi Darkener Super Plus
    Akemi Darkener Super Plus

    Starting at $75.43

  4. Akemi Impregnation Remover
    Akemi Impregnation Remover

    Starting at $50.95

  5. Akemi Transformer Enhancer
    Akemi Transformer Enhancer

    Starting at $19.41

  6. Pectro & PectroLux
    Pectro & PectroLux

    Starting at $32.59

  7. Simple Stone Care Edge Darkener
    Simple Stone Care Edge Darkener

    Starting at $47.94

  8. Tenax Jet Spray Can
    Tenax Jet Spray Can

    Starting at $17.29

  9. Tenax Quartz Toner Plus
    Tenax Quartz Toner Plus

    Starting at $23.75

  10. Tenax Telux Polish
    Tenax Telux Polish

    Starting at $32.90

  11. Tenax Tepox V
    Tenax Tepox V

    Starting at $14.40

  12. Tenax UniBlack 1 & UniBlack 2
    Tenax UniBlack 1 & UniBlack 2

    Starting at $34.63

16 Items

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