Akemi Color Enhancers


Bringing Out The Natural Beauty Of Your Stone

Let's face it, one of homeowners' favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen. From cooking for the family to hosting get-togethers, the atmosphere in the kitchen is usually vibrant and full of life. The color of the kitchen can also bring a feeling of togetherness so let's spice up your countertops with a color enhancer. Let the enhanced natural color of your stone be a focal point of discussion and leave your neighbors in awe.

We are delighted to offer you the Akemi brand that has a wide range of color enhancement products.

Do you have dark colored stone such as Impala Black? Try AKEMI's Darkener Super to make those dark colors even richer.

What about intensifying the color of your stone with AKEMI's Darkener Super Plus and AKEMI Stone Ink? The ink dyes seeps into the pores of your stone to make a sensational enhanced color that could 'wow' anyone!

AKEMI's dazzling color enhancers are sure to dream up the hues in your stone for maximum collaboration with walls, trim, and floors. Browse our selection today!

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