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When it comes to sealing any natural stone, it is important for the homeowner to understand what types of sealers are available and the protection that the various products provide. Sealers are designed to provide a window of opportunity to remove the spill before it has a chance to soak in and create a stain.

The most common sealers used are penetrating in nature, meaning they get down into the stone to protect from the inside out without changing the appearance of the stone. A penetrating sealer allows the stone to ‘breathe' while providing stain protection, generally does not change the appearance of a stone, and has to be reapplied periodically.

A good rule of thumb regarding when a sealer needs to be reapplied is when a liquid is spilled on the stone and it does not bead up ( much like a car that has a fresh coat of wax ) it is time to reseal.

Regent Stone Products sells two sealers that are manufactured specifically for natural stone.

Cemabond Silicone Impregnator This premium product has been manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, and it provides excellent protection from oil and water-based stains. In addition to its stain protection, it is odorless and colorless, which may not mean much until you compare it with other products on the market. 

Zeta Seal is our premium sealer designed for the most porous stones, specifically honed limestone and marble, and it provides the maximum protection against staining. In addition to oil and water protection, Zeta Seal also provides protection against acid staining, one of the most damaging liquids that can come in contact with calcium-based stones. Zeta Seal does not protect calcium-based stones from etching, but since the acids cannot penetrate and stain the stone the damage is minimized.

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