Tenax Sealers

Why Settle for Second Place When You Can Choose Tenax?

Tenax has sealers designed to enhance, protect, and clean all types of marbles, travertines, stones, granites, and agglomerates.

​Use Tenax products to fill your sealing needs! Need a product that can penetrate your granite and give it a slightly enhanced color? Try out Tenax Protex. This product works wonders for your countertops and gives it an extra shine without the superficial film covering.
Tenax Hydrex is a water and oil proof sealer that penetrates the stone and seals it properly without the hassle. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use. If you want a sealer that DOES NOT change the color of your stone, choose this product!

Tenax Proseal is the sealer of sealers. Proseal penetrates deeply into your granite for a long-lasting bond. You won't be disappointed with this indoor/outdoor sealer. It can last years if not under direct wear and use. Also, excellent for sealing the grout.

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