Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Need help removing stains from your stones? Regent has removers to return your stone to its natural luster.

After many years, your stone floors, stairs, counters, etc. can be subjected to heavy traffic, dirt and various spills that can stain the stone. They can range from water stains, acid stains, mildew or rust stains. At Regent Stone Products you'll find the right stain removing a product that can take care of these spots & marks.

Some of the companies like Tenax, Akemi, Alpha, and Fila offer great quality stain removing powders and solutions for treating hard-to-lift stains and staining issues for natural stone.

Are you in need of a good cleaner instead? We have a variety of cleaners that will do the trick! Check out our Regent Stone Care Kit - This kit has everything you need!

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