Tenax Stain Removers

Tenax Stain Remover

Regent Stone Products has a range of stone stain removers from Tenax. Our range of Texan products are top of the line and will put a smile on your face when it comes to stain removal.
Tenax has solutions that are powder-based and chemical-based. A powder-based solution like the TeClean Poultice Powder is commonly used to for organic stains like coffee or wine. It has a strong formula made to pull out stains from within your stone. This product also works wonders on grout!

Why is your stone so blue (or green)? On a rare occasion, if your stone turns green or blue, an unknown reaction may be the cause. It is called, "California Blossom," or "Blue Blossom." If this seems to describe what is happening to your countertops, try Tenax Green Blossom Poultine Kit. It is a slow, two-step process, but certainly effective.

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