CNC Tooling

Regent Has Everything You Need For Your CNC Machine To Fabricate Stone.

In this category, you will find everything CNC related from actual diamond tooling, tool holders (cones) to vacuum work holdings. 

CNC Tooling that we offer:

Diamut KPL, HYS & OPL CNC Tooling Wheels
Marmoelettromeccanica: EHS, SHS, Line 60 & Zero Radius Sink Wheels
MEM Perfector Wheels
MEM Zero Radius Sink Corner Wheels
Diamut CNC Tooling for Dekton
Super Z & Seam Preparation Wheels
Mitering (45 Degree) Tooling
Finger Bits: CNC
Half Gas Core Bits for CNC
Reverse Thread Tooling for CNC Saws
CNC Blades 
Gauging Wheels
Blick Industries Vacuum Workholdings
CNC Tool Holders (Cones): Bavelloni, Brembana, Breton, Denver, Intermac, Northwood


Regent also offers in-house knowledge and additional services to our customers.

  • We offer two CNC Tool Redressing services located here in the U.S.A. to extend the life of your current profile wheels and save you money.
  • Regional technicians to set up your tooling at your shop
  • We come and set up your tools and with the proper settings for both our Marmoelettromeccanica and Diamut lines of CNC Wheels
  • We have 11 in-house Stone Fabrication Experts to provide technical advice at any time, 8 am to 6 pm (M-F)

Lets Us Help! 
Not sure which CNC tool is right for you? We can help! We want to ensure you are getting the BEST PRICE! Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-624-8210

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  1. Pulsar CNC Thin Wall Core Bits
    Pulsar CNC Thin Wall Core Bits

    Starting at $63.00

  2. ZS30-2  B2
    ZS30-2 B2

    Starting at $200.43

  3. E30-9  B18 closed
    E30-9 B18 closed

    Starting at $325.00

  4. E30 -1 B15 closed
    E30 -1 B15 closed

    Starting at $203.78

  5. E30-2  B12
    E30-2 B12

    Starting at $260.14

  6. ZS30-D B4  polich side down
    ZS30-D B4 polich side down

    Starting at $175.98

  7. ZS30 -1 B8 closed 90mm
    ZS30 -1 B8 closed 90mm

    Starting at $203.78

  8. ZS30  B8
    ZS30 B8

    Starting at $203.78

  9. ADI D30
    ADI D30

    Starting at $338.94

  10. ADI D20
    ADI D20

    Starting at $311.28

  11. B+B30-1 closed
    B+B30-1 closed

    Starting at $241.55

  12. B+B30

    Starting at $245.58

  13. B30-1 closed
    B30-1 closed

    Starting at $312.58

  14. B30 Line 40mm
    B30 Line 40mm

    Starting at $240.52

  15. A40 r20 120mm
    A40 r20 120mm

    Starting at $295.00

  16. A30 r15 120mm
    A30 r15 120mm

    Starting at $203.78

Items 1-20 of 229

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