Apexx Calibrating Wheels

Apexx Calibrating Wheels Regent ID: APXGAUGWHL
Apexx Calibrating Wheels Regent ID: APXGAUGWHL

Apexx CNC Calibrating wheels offer both fast cutting and long life at the same time.

Both wheels work great on all types of granite, marble and engineered stone. Standard size calibrating wheel has a 20mm segment height and 50mm arbor diameter.

The Monster Calibrating Wheel comes with 10mm-wide and 10mm-thick segments. The segment height is also increased from 20mm to 30mm. Both the Monster and Standard Calibrating wheels are recommended to be run between 4,500 to 4,800 RPM.

When using the Monster Wheel a good starting point and you (as a customer) can make adjustments from there: Remove 1 – 2mm each pass with a feed rate of 1,000 – 2,000 mm/min, at 4,500RPM.


Calibration Wheel

  • 20mm Segment height
  • Available in different diameters
  • 50mm Arbor
  • 4,500 - 4,800 RPM

Monster Calibration Wheel

  • Extremely fast cutting speed
  • Extra large diamond segments 30" x 10" x 10"
  • 50mm Arbor
  • 4,500 - 4,800 RPM
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