Blick Industries

Blick Industries

Blick Industries is the premier manufacturer and supplier of vacuum holding products for the stone, glass and solid surface fabricating industries. Blick Industries prides itself on providing solution-oriented products, personal customer service, and reasonable pricing. Our large selection of suction cups, clamps, supports and holding accessories provides our customers with solutions to their most difficult work holding challenges.

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  1. Blick 8 Pair Portable Manifold (21-103-01)
    Blick 8 Pair Portable Manifold (21-103-01)

    Starting at $504.90

  2. Blick Clamp Support Base (13-300-03)
    Blick Clamp Support Base (13-300-03)

    Starting at $229.50

  3. Blick CNC 40x100x300mm Support (12-150-25)
    Blick CNC 40x100x300mm Support (12-150-25)

    Starting at $178.50

  4. Blick CNC Leatherhead Mini (14-500-04)
    Blick CNC Leatherhead Mini (14-500-04)

    Starting at $708.90

  5. Blick Edge Stop (11-401-01)
    Blick Edge Stop (11-401-01)

    Starting at $5.10

  6. Blick Edge Stop EL (11-401-03)
    Blick Edge Stop EL (11-401-03)

    Starting at $5.10

  7. Blick Intermac Manifold - Left (21-101-01)
    Blick Intermac Manifold - Left (21-101-01)

    Starting at $765.00

Items 1-20 of 74

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