CNC Toolholder Cones

Regent Offers Tool Holders (Cones) For All The Major Brand CNC Machines In The Industry

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​Case hardened, nitrocarborized*, these cones are extremely corrosion resistant. Manufactured in Germany using an exclusive technique, the critical dimensions are held to the highest standards, assuring no runout. This precision concentricity can profoundly influence the service life of your diamond tools and your machine spindle bearings.

Any of several processes in which both nitrogen and carbon are absorbed into the surface layers of ferrous material at temperatures below the lower critical temperature and, by diffusion, create a concentration gradient. Nitrocarburizing is performed primarily to provide an antiscuffling surface layer and to improve fatigue resistance.

Replacement Pulls Stubs (Retention Knobs)

Pull Studs (also called retention knobs) are extremely important because they keep the tool holder in the spindle. Using worn pull studs or using the wrong pull stud for your machine may cause the tool holder to suddenly fly out of the spindle during operation, causing an unsafe situation for the machine operator. We offer replacement pull studs for the more popular lines of CNC  Tool Holders on the market today.

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