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Diamut CNC Tooling

Diamut sets the standard with it's Hyper Speed line of profile tools. 

If fast production with long-lasting tools is what your fabrication shop needs, then the Hyper Speed profile wheels are the solution.  Diamut uses the highest quality diamonds to construct an optimal metal/diamond matrix composition for extremely high-speed operation.  With extra water slots for more lubrication and faster slurry removal, these wheels do not stress your spindle in order to achieve these high speeds.  Each wheel is perfectly balanced and shaped from one position to the next, in order to provide unrivaled consistency throughout the complete set. 

To allow for even faster operating times and longer life, the Hyper Speed line offers a 1000 grit, 5th position metal wheel as an option.  This wheel would substitute for the 1st Flash polish (standard position 5) wheel in the process. 

We make ordering easy, you can search by outside diameter size: 120, 80, 60, 40 or 20mm, by profile name, or just browse our full listing of profiles.

If you don't see the profile you want, contact us about custom profiles.

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  1. Diamut A33 R10 120x35
    Diamut A33 R10 120x35

    Starting at $14.83

  2. Diamut A33 R10 R3 80x35
    Diamut A33 R10 R3 80x35

    Starting at $15.23

  3. Diamut A33 R15 80x35
    Diamut A33 R15 80x35

    Starting at $15.23

  4. Diamut A33 R3 80x35
    Diamut A33 R3 80x35

    Starting at $14.83

  5. Diamut A33 R6 120x35
    Diamut A33 R6 120x35

    Starting at $14.83

  6. Diamut A33 R6 53x22
    Diamut A33 R6 53x22

    Starting at $23.39

  7. Diamut A43 R20 120x35
    Diamut A43 R20 120x35

    Starting at $17.11

  8. Diamut A43 R6 80x35
    Diamut A43 R6 80x35

    Starting at $16.56

  9. Diamut AK2-30 R30 Crescent Edge 80x35
    Diamut AK2-30 R30 Crescent Edge 80x35

    Starting at $14.83

  10. Diamut E33 B11.5 80x35
    Diamut E33 B11.5 80x35

    Starting at $30.67

  11. Diamut E33 B8mm 120 x 35
    Diamut E33 B8mm 120 x 35

    Starting at $31.54

  12. Diamut EFR33 B11.5 R4 120x35
    Diamut EFR33 B11.5 R4 120x35

    Starting at $19.62

  13. Diamut F23 R12 120x35
    Diamut F23 R12 120x35

    Starting at $15.30

  14. Diamut F33 R17.4mm 120x35
    Diamut F33 R17.4mm 120x35

    Starting at $17.89

  15. Diamut FZ33 R10 120x35
    Diamut FZ33 R10 120x35

    Starting at $16.64

  16. Diamut FZ43 R10 120x35
    Diamut FZ43 R10 120x35

    Starting at $22.60

  17. Diamut G33 120x35
    Diamut G33 120x35

    Starting at $16.48

  18. Diamut G43 120x35
    Diamut G43 120x35

    Starting at $16.48

  19. Diamut H36 120x35
    Diamut H36 120x35

    Starting at $17.11

  20. Diamut Hyper Speed FV33 120x35
    Diamut Hyper Speed FV33 120x35

    Starting at $17.89

Items 1-20 of 39

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