Gauging Wheels

Prepare The Stone The Right Way Before Your Start Profiling!

Stone slabs are not always the same thickness from one end to the other.  Gauging wheels or stubbing wheels as they are also known are used to calibrate the thickness of the stone before profiling the edge. Wheels are also used to smooth the rough bottom of the stone, feature customers are coming to expect nowadays.

Brands of Stock Removing tools

  • Marmoelettromeccanica
  • Apexx
  • Diamut
  • Abrasive Technology
  • Diamant-D

Additional wheels used for stock removing to help extend the life of your profile wheels. Z Wheels - Super Z Wheels - Power Z wheels, whatever name you want to call them by, these wheels are great for removing stock on the edges of the stone.

Clean Up Wheels can also be used to remove stock and smooth edges after heavy stock removal. These wheels attach with 1/2" Gas connections and can be used on both CNC and Radial Arm tools such as the Fab King.

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