MEM Frangistone

Increase speed and increase the life of your position one wheels by using the Frangistone!

By using the MEM Frangistone to pre-shape the edge before profiling greatly reduces the time needed to accomplish the final edge. It also reduces the fatigue of the operator and the machine. Diamond elements are only 2mm in height to get maximum cutting speed. The individual blade-style elements are easily replaced, so you can change the hard wear elements at a reduced cost. The Frangistone is 5 times faster than conventional segmented wheels.


  • Diamond elements height of only 2 mm to get maximum cutting speed
  • Interchangeable diamond elements on all profiles
  • Extends the lifespan of the following position wheels
  • Feed rate up tp 5,000mm/min in one pass
  • Can be used in conjunction with any other manufacturer's wheels
  • Standard bore is 35 mm

You can find the Frangistone three different ways throughout our website. 

1) Can be found in each profile package
2) Listed here by profile edge
3) Listed here by individual elements.  Here you will find the replacement blade or you can build your own Frangistone.

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