MEM Zero Radius Sink Corner Wheels

Now you can polish those tight sink radius' you never could with a standard CNC wheel.

This series consists of Marmoelettromeccanica's Line 20 and Line 10 small diameter wheels. 

The Line 10 wheels are profiles wheels with a minimum diameter of 10 mm allow an inside corner of 5 mm (3/16") radius on your stone.

Line 20 wheels are profiles wheels with the minimum diameter of 20 mm allow an inside corner of 10 mm (3/8") radius on stone.


  • 1/2" Gas Connection
  • Set consists of 3 Metal wheels and 3 Long-Life Polishing System wheels
  • Z-axis alignment of the complete set, to the measurements indicated on each wheel and our working parameters makes setting up your machine easier than ever.

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