Akemi Oil & Grease Remover

Akemi Oil & Grease Remover Regent ID: AkemiOilGreaseRemove
Akemi Oil & Grease Remover Regent ID: AkemiOilGreaseRemove
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Easy To Use Stain Remover

Good for:

All kinds of Natural and Artificial Stone

Use this AKEMI stain remover product to remove grease, oil, wax stains, and discoloration arising from plasticizers in sealants in all types of natural stone and engineered stone. This stain remover is a creamy paste with an absorbing agent, easy to apply to affected area. Easy clean-up!

Special Features:

  • Extremely effective, even in the case of intensive staining
  • Does not contain acids, leaching agents, waxes, resins or silicones
  • Has a mild odor
  • Has a creamy consistency that can be easily applied to smooth and polished surfaces
Regent ID AkemiOilGreaseRemove
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