Klenztone KL9 Poultice

Klenztone KL9 Poultice Regent ID: KlenztoneKL9Poultice
Klenztone KL9 Poultice Regent ID: KlenztoneKL9Poultice
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Bring Back The Beauty of Your Marble

Good for removing stains from:

Marble and other stone

KL9 is a ready-to-use, water-based poultice that removes years worth of accumulated staining and makes marble walls beautiful again. KL9 is safe to use on highly polished finishes. It requires no mixing or special equipment. All you do is apply it, give it time to work, scrape off the dried material, and wash the surface clean with water. Interior and Enterior Use.


35 - 50 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on porosity of stone


  • Wear protective clothing (gloves & goggles)
  • If gets on skin or in eyes rinse thoroughly with water
  • Ventilate enclosed areas
  • When scraping, wear dust mask


Regent ID KlenztoneKL9Poultice
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