Cooktop Bag

Cooktop Bag Regent ID: cooktopbag
Cooktop Bag Regent ID: cooktopbag
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Elimination of lengthy set-up and clean-up times during countertop installations

Designed by partner with many years of hands-on experience in custom countertop fabrication and installation

Every granite installer knows that cooktop pieces can be fragile. In order to keep them from breaking, we cut them out in the customers home after the top is installed and set with shims and silicone.
The cooktop bag is one such innovation that has led to the elimination of lengthy set-up and clean-up times during countertop installations. We use it every time.
The water and/or stone debris that otherwise would drop down into the cabinet; will be safely caught in the cooktop bag thus avoiding lengthy and messy cleanups. This bag will literally save 15-20 minutes of time used in the cutting and cleaning of a cooktop cutout. All lead installers and helpers know that 15 minutes saved on a jobsite along with added comfort to the customer is worth it.
The bag can also be insurance from possible damage created by water or stone debris by protecting the inside of the cabinets, hinges, and drawer slides.

Regent ID cooktopbag
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