Shims, Razor Blades, Mixing Sticks, Spreaders

Shims, Razor Blades, Mixing Sticks, Spreaders

Regent offers everything your toolbox needs, whether you are in the shop or on the jobsite.

It's the simple things that make a difference and when we don't have them, that's when we realize how much of a difference they make.  Regent wants to make sure you stayed stocked up on these simple things that should be in your toolbox, truck or shop cabinet.

Shims: Regent offers a wide selection of shimming options from Nelson's wood & composite shims, Horseshoe shims to tapered Wobble Wedges.

Razor Blades: These are always in demand and need for one thing or another. We offer individual blades for removing dried adhesives/fillers and in a retractable Utility Knife with replaceable blades.

Mixing Sticks: Best for mixing epoxies, polyesters and other general mixing uses.

Spreaders: Clean, easy way to apply adhesives or fillers.

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