Weha T-31 Anchor Machine Kit

Weha T-31 Anchor Machine Kit Regent ID: WehaT31AnchorMachine
Weha T-31 Anchor Machine Kit Regent ID: WehaT31AnchorMachine
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Kit Includes 2 Anchor Bits, Z Clips, Anchor Bolts

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T-31 Anchor Machine kit. Pneumatic Air Machine. Includes 2 Diamond Anchor Bits, 50 pack of Z Clips, 50 Pack of 3/16" Anchor Bolts

The Weha T-31 Anchor Machine is a completely new concept when compared to existing T 31 Anchor Machines. All T-31 Anchor Machines on the market require the stone to be flipped over and the T-31 anchor slots be cut with the machine sitting on top of the bottom of the stone. Most of the T-31 Anchor Machines use a vacuum suction plate that must vacuum to the stone and then cut the anchor slot.

The Weha T-31 Anchor Machine does not require the stone to be flipped over to cut the Anchor Slots. Once the counter top or vanity is on the work table then cut out and polished, simply put the T-31 Anchor machine inside the bowl, slide in the Anchor machine to the depth that you need, and make the anchor slot. This drastically speeds up the time it takes to make the slots, reduces labor to flip the counter top, cuts down one less time of handling the counter top and reduces the risk of breaking to top.

The T 31 Anchor Machine can also be used upside down to make anchor slots on top. For example. If you cut out a vanity or sink on a cnc machine with the top face down, before you remove the top from the pods you can easily take the T 31 Anchor Machine and cut out the slots before it ever leaves the cnc. If the top is completely polished, this would eliminate any need to put it on a work table to cut the anchor slots.

How do you set the depth that you need to cut the T-31 Anchor slot? On the side of the tool are depth notches. Once you get the depth that you need mark that depth with an SKM pen or other marker for the rest of the slots that you need to make.

Regent ID WehaT31AnchorMachine
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